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Building an engaged culture of community takes a commitment to honest conversations about both social and economic justice. Our power as individuals is magnified when we gather together as groups, families, and communities.

This Thursday (April 20, 2023) at 6 pm we are partnering with The Well Collective and Restorative Richmond to provide a space to build the real connections that spark real change. We will learn more about what Restorative Justice means, and the role that each of us can play in creating a more active and engaged community. These conversations help deepen our connection and understanding with ourselves and one another so please join us for this powerful communal event.

We ask that you come with an openness as we raise questions for ourselves to consider.  We are so happy to be in conversation with everyone and look forward to being in community with those who can attend!




Supporting Together Area Youth RVA (STAY RVA) is a movement comprised of parents and neighbors who want to help Richmond’s local public schools thrive. We are a positive-minded, solution-oriented, action-based organization. We want you to be a part of STAY… STAY in the city, STAY committed, STAY open-minded. We want to build communities of support around every school and engage in honest conversations about why schools have not had the resources they need. We want to BECOME genuine community members who work to form relationships with all people.

Richmond is a dynamic city loved by many who call it home. We want to encourage people to STAY, put down roots, and get involved in their community by coming together in support of local schools. In order to be a first-class city, we must provide a first-class education for ALL students.

At the heart of who we are as a movement is a LOVE for humanity. There is a foundational belief that TOGETHER we can and should create a better way forward by supporting our local public schools.


What We Believe

  • We believe in the power of education and the limitless possibilities and potential for ALL children.
  • We know that the expertise and resources necessary to build a world-class school system exist in our community.
  • We recognize that racism plays a powerful part in the historic failure of our system to offer opportunity to children of color and that through building relationships in our communities and in our schools we can begin to dismantle the structural racism that continues to plague our community’s school system.
  • If a school is not “good enough” for my child then it is not good enough for anyone’s child and we are going to work to make sure that ALL schools are great for ALL of our kids.
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