Through our collaboration with the schools we are fortunate to witness truly inspiring students, staff and programs on a daily basis. We celebrate these stories and highlight the exciting and engaging projects and learning opportunities RPS students and staff are undertaking.

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Stephanie Mitchell

Stephanie Mitchell

Stephanie Mitchell, a secretary at TJ High School, goes above and beyond for students, staff, and parents on a daily basis. Ms. Mitchell is someone who collaborates with others to make great things happen. She worked with staff members  to create an unforgettable Homecoming Week that culminated with around 200 students dancing until the very last song and enjoying a fully stocked buffet of snacks. Stephanie organized the Trunk or Treat community event where students and staff at TJ passed out candy to celebrate Halloween with neighborhood families. As her most recent project, Ms. Mitchell is working as a sponsor for the Coaches in the Classrooms program at TJ. The Coaches in the Classroom program helps student-athletes prepare for success while promoting the ideals of positive youth development through sport and community service. Student-athletes at TJ will be meeting with students at Fisher Elementary for this project.

Thomas Jefferson High School IB Program

TJ High School

Students in the IB program at TJ High School, Victor Green, Camryn Forbes, Antonio Kornegay, and Samiya Jackson have worked with other students in their program to create flyers and reach out to the public in order to achieve their goal of obtaining 150 coats to give out to homeless individuals this winter.

TJ Football

Anwar Wilson-Bradley

Check out Anwar Wilson-Bradley, a senior at Thomas Jefferson High School. He is pictured here with his mom, Tianna, and his little brother, Aaron. During TJ’s Homecoming game against Glen Allen, Anwar had 15 carries, 314 yards, and 4 touchdowns in a 55-49 win over Glen Allen.   This is Anwar’s third year playing for the TJ Vikings as a scholar athlete. His favorite subject is English. Anwar is looking forward to playing football in college and his biggest inspiration is his family.


Richmond Public Schools

Richmond Public Schools administrative team coordinating volunteer efforts with STAY RVA! Sandy Wheeler, Kenita Bowers, Lori Coker, and Ty Toepke each possess a hands-on approach to making great things happen for our students and our schools.